Carmela Fazio~Florio

Carmela and her two children , Dominick 9, Giavanna 6

About The Author

Hello, my name is Carmela Fazio-Florio. In December of 2018, my two children’s books “James and Awesome Autism” and “Sally Slow to Speak” were published!

I am a wife , mother of two, and a special education teacher in Baldwin, NY where I work with children with a variety of special needs.

After my daughter’s diagnosis of a global developmental delay in 2015, I decided to write two children’s books to help explain different disabilities children face each day.

I noticed that most nuero-typically children where unaware of autism and other delays. My books explain these disabilities and how we can all come together as children and as a community. All these children want is acceptance and understanding.

My books are available for sale at Barnes and Nobles, Amazon , Target, and on Patti &

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Dominick reading my books to his sister.

I enjoy speaking at events about my books and journey with my daughter!

I am also available for books signings and other events.

Johnny Donavan’s 3rd Annual Christmas Event!

The community coming together to give toys and gifts to needy children.

My Books

“Sally Slow to Speak”

This book talks about speech delays ! Great for any child who has a speech day or a family member or friend who has one.

“James and Awesome Autism”

In this book, James has autism. He meets a little girl in the park who learns that being different isn’t a bad thing but a beautiful one!

Great for any child or a sibling of those with autism.

Inspirational Shirts

I also sell inspirational shirts for both adults & children.

Please email at or direct message me on Instagram @specialneedsbooks for events or book signings.

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